[P01] Migrating to Ubuntu as developmentOS from Windows

I've been using windows since I started to use computer. It's good, it's very good, and it feels at home. However, this "at home" feelings also hindered the development opportunities I could've taken in years. Because, lots of time it was happened that I was unable to install a particular software in Windwos and gave up as a result. Well, none but me became a loser from it.
To get started with Ubuntu, everyone suggested to dual-boot this in parallel to Windows. There are countless articles on how to do things in Ubuntu that we do in Windows. But, it's a syndrome or something, never did that. So, as a middle ground, I started with Ubuntu in Virtualbox and loving every bit of it since then 🙂

To get started, I installed Virtualbox first. Then, I downloaded Ubuntu Desktop from its official download location which will be an *.iso file (tips: read various online article about the version you're downloading, you'll get a good idea on what to expect from it. Also, always remember its name because Ubuntu OS names are version specific. I've downloaded v18.04 which is called bionic beaver, or bionic in short). Afterwards, just followed some Youtube videos to start the *.iso file via Virtualbox. During setup, just remember that you have to give a valid username and machine name so that they become usable in the long run (read this post for effective naming). This is important because [email protected] is not a valid way to understand what user means (is it the username or is it the machine name?). However, [email protected] clearly answer the query.

Things are different in Ubuntu than Windows, so here's a list of tasks that I learnt to do in Ubuntu way. I am not giving another tutorial on how to do it, rather wants the reader to try their own because that's the only way to learn by heart. Hopefully, if you're like me and follow these task by Google search, then you'll be benefited:

  1. How to use software-center? What is it?
  2. How to install git and VSCode?
  3. How to update and upgrade? (This is big one, in Windows I'm always afriad of updating. In ubuntu, it's the opposite)
  4. What is Home directory? (Hint: assume that there's only 1 drive in Windows, it's Home)
  5. How to access /etc/host directory or what are they?
  6. How to use ssh? Use it to clone a git repo as first step.
  7. How to access hidden files? Both from UI and Terminal.
  8. How to monitor operating system usage? (e.g. Windows task manager --> CPU usage)

That would be all to adopt Ubuntu as development OS. Please note that, I haven't mention how to use Media player or Play games in Ubuntu as migration, because that's not the goal of developmentOS since I'm using Windows for that purpose already. I'm using Ubuntu via Virtualbox, so you can try this also.

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