[P00] Server naming convention – v2

After writing v1 of naming conventions, much have changed. In several places the previous convention served really well, in some places it was inadequate. Also, developer adaption over time is another metrics which was impossible to predict at that time. So, I opted for a new convetion (v2) to satisfy constraints of 2021+.

Naming convention - V2

The convention is simplied now for the sake of easy communication. Now, VirtualMachine/Functions/Container/PersonalDevice etc. are named as: <IATA-airport-code>-<Instance-type>-<Project-code>(-~subproject-code~git-commit-id)?>-<Environment-type><N> where:

  1. Airport-code: Vendor specific code where each code is an IATA Airport code. Each code is dedicated to a particular vendor's region which is geographically close to the airport
  2. Instance-type: Similar to an IATA airline code. It should be 1 character for zero trust Devices like Laptop/Mobile/Workstation, 2 character for others.
  3. Project-code: For zero trust devices, it is textual value. For client projects it might be a numeric code. For internal projects it is project's short hand name.
  4. (Optional): subproject or git commit id
  5. Environment-type: 1 character (e.g. T for Trial, I for Internal, D for Development, S for Sandbox, U for User-acceptance testing, C for Canary prod, P for Permanent prod, E for Event based prod)
  6. Autoincremented N: The last number might be a regular integer (1,2,...) or timestamp as long integer. This should increment for each Project-code.

Some example:

  • Dell Laptop (i.e. zero trust device) of employee12 at Berlin, DE: BER-L-dell-345d
  • Virtual machine at AWS for external client project1234's loadbalancer at US-East region: IAD-LB-1234-1p
  • A virtual machine in Google Cloud at EU-Brussels region for an internal voting application (i.e. voting4venue): BRU-VM-votenow-1i
  • Function As A Service at Azure US-West location for project1234's microservice1's 234dxvsdfg commit id: SEA-FN-1234~microservice1~234dxvsdfg-20201231082553e


Cloud regions - AWS / GCP / Azure

Which region is better for you?

This question has no definite answer unfortunately. Because, everyone have unique requirement. Nonetheless, in order to estimate, you can try to find Virtual machine pricing. Eventually these VM are used in several managed resources so VM price/region is a good indicator on which region you should choose (if price is primary factor).
List of Cloud vendor and calculator for VM:

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